Joint Ventures

Made Easy

We are Palmeiras Digital – a biz dev company from sunny Portugal. We search for and create business opportunities in Retail by bringing marketing and sales in a form of a Joint Venture to your business.


In other words, we get the traffic you bring the goods.

Who We Are

What We Offer

Suppose you are a wholesaler or a producer of any kind of goods that can be sold directly to consumers, and you want to cut the middleman to get the most profit, or you want to open a new market.


In that case, you can partner with us and get full help in bringing your product to the eyes (and wallets) of retail customers.

We do it by:

👉 Creating the brand and the offer

👉 Forming the right funnel to drive traffic to

👉 Providing sales

Why It's Worth It

This approach lets our partners concentrate on what they’re best at – dealing with the production and logistics of the product – while we focus our efforts on driving traffic and sales.

This means you don’t have to worry about creating the marketing and sales department on your own or dealing with costly agencies that, anyway, are only interested in the process and not in the result.

Moreover, we take the risk of investing in marketing and sales on our own – making our profit as a percentage of the revenue (that is negotiable and heavily depends on the cost of the product you’re selling).

How to Cooperate With Us

You can easily find out which specific option of a Joint Venture we can bring to your business by filling out the form below. Please, help us understand your business so we can create a preliminary offer.

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